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Watson or Newton


Hey all. This is a FAB league so I have a tough question.

I start Dak Prescott and will probably remain starting Prescott throughout the year. He has a bye week coming up next week so I want to get a head start on the QB option. Three QB’s are out there:
1.) Alex Smith
2.) Cam Newton
3.) D. Watson

Watson plays Cleveland when Dak has a bye so I am leaning Watson, but I think people will bid high on him after the week he put up. Cam also had a big week. Who would you pick up and how much FAB?


4pt or 6pt qb? any other stackable players on your roster?


4pts passing and 6 pts rushing. Not sure what you mean by stackable.


sorry, i mean if you have a corresponding wide reciever or tight end for any of them, so that everytime the wide reciever scores so does your qb. i.e. drew brees+micheal thomas would be a “stack”. recievers gets 6 and your qb gets 4. therefore everytime wr scores you get 10 points to your roster and everytime another reciever does on the team does you still get 4 points threw qb.

i.e. you have julio and matt ryan, and julio scores you get 10, if sanu scores you still get 4.


I’d get Watson, you’re going to have to pay up that’s for sure.