Watson or Rivers?

Scared that NE might have figured it out and Rivers might be crappy but also scared Seattle is good against Watson.


Watson’s dual threat ability makes him a better option.


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Watson has the higher upside, but no way I’m playing him IN Seattle…as a rookie. I’m not sure if I would want to find out the hard way.

New England at home is also a tough one, but I’d lean on Rivers’ experience over Watson’s. But then, Houston IS coming off a bye week and have prepared for Seattle. Tough call. If your matchup is close or you’re the underdog go Watson, if you have a good projection go Rivers.

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I’m playing the top person who is in trouble this week because of bye-pocalypse. I’m only projected to win by 7 though. Rivers is for sure the safer option but I feel that Rivers crapping out could be worse than what could happen to Watson if he has a terrible game. Aghhhh choices

You just answered your own question. In other words, it sounds like if you’re likely to lose you’d rather lose swinging with Watson than striking out with Rivers.

I have Keenan Allen so idk if I can justifiably say DONT play Rivers lol

True. I have put in Rivers but I had a lackluster week from Ajayi. The projection to win for me is still very close. The fact my opponent is playing SEA is maybe risky bc if Watson does horribly her points will climb and mine will decrease, but his floor is so high. Maybe it’s safer to play Rivers in a possibly strong matchup though and if Watson plays well her D will take a hit anyway…