Watson or Ryan Start/Sit

Going back and forth between Watson at home against Indy who he lit up last time and is one of the guys starts of the week.

Or Ryan on the road against GB who he historically does well against and the over under is very high.

I think both will be shootouts just don’t know who is safer or who has more upside potential. Kinda need upside with Fournette killing me last night.

Out of these options. I feel worried about Matt Ryan. Its going to be @GB in the cold. Matt does have a history of doing well agianst GB and GB is weak I just think Watson is playing well right now I think of these two options Watson is your better bet.

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Thanks man anyone else have an opinion?

I agree with him. Go with Watson. He hasn’t scored as much when they don’t need him to, but I believe he will be needed to keep pace with indy. Ryan has more variance, so it could be awful or great imo. You will get good floor points with Watson along with TD upside if they pass more.

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