Watson or Smallwood

I have the number 1 waiver priority and I need a quaterback since Cousins is on a bye and I’m targeting Watson as my top option. I’m also looking at Smallwood since I had Carson and he’s out for the rest of the year. My other RBs are Zeke, Ajayi, and Kelley. Another thing I’m keeping in mind is two people in my league lost their starting QBs in Carr and Marriota so they could be targeting QBs and I don’t want to get stuck with a scrub QB. I’m leaning towards Watson but want to get other people’s opinions, who would you guys pickup if you were in this situation?

I would grab the QB considering you’ll more than likely sit Smallwood with your rb depth. On the other hand, not looking at match up or byes, it may be advantageous to pick up Smallwood for future weeks and pick up another high upside qb for the week like Kizer, Brisett, or Hoyer who all have good match ups.

OK thanks I’ll pickup Smallwood first than try and pick up Watson.