Watson or Wentz?

I got both Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz on waivers. I need to trade one of them for an RB. My TE is Zach Ertz and my RBs are Ingram and McKinnon.
With McKinnon on bye this week and Eagles on bye in week 10, who should I give up?

I can probably get more value from Watson and keep the eagles stack but it’ll hurt in a couple weeks with byes. I’ll be 5-3 after tonight’s game and will be 4th place in a league that takes top 4 teams to the playoffs.

What do you guys think? Trade away Watson or Wentz?

The problem you face is these guys are young and upcoming and owners will shy away from the unknown.

Great QB’s have a long history of production that adds to their value while flash in the pan QB’s pop up every now and again and from my experience are usually add in’s to a trade.

Just look at guys that were Fantasy relevant for a year like RG3, Tebow, heck I would throw in Matt Ryan last year. The only way to move one of them was as an add on to sweeten up the pot a bit.

So what does the rest of your team look like?

RB’s are Ingram, McKinnon, Gore, Buck Allen, and Smallwood
WR’s are Baldwin, Fitz, Tate, and Demayius Thomas

Watson and Wentz are 1 and 2 QBs. I’m looking to get a solid RB2 I can play this week. Someone like Doug Martin

If the Martin owner is stacked at RB and doesn’t have any options at QB then they might bite.

I say before sending the trade open up the line of communication with the Martin owner and see what they think about watson or Wentz straight up to see if they’re interested.

If they’re interested but want more then throw in Gore or Buck.

I would do the same to the Demarco owner.

I say hold onto Baldwin and if you’re in a PPR or half PPR then hold onto Tate as well.

I see some rumbling that Den might be trying to make a trade at QB so who knows what effect it will have on Thomas’ value so he could see a bump up if they get a good QB today.

I love making trades but in your situation it might be ok to hold onto both QB’s. I say better to see Wentz score 15-25 points on your bench than on your opponents team.

Yeah I see your point. I just hate having a player I can’t play on my bench. I’m going to throw out a few offers and if I don’t get any bites oh well. If I get a trade I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for the advice!

Well looks like Watson may have a torn ACL so I hope you still have Wentz. Much better situation than what I got in two of my leagues.

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I pulled the trigger on Wentz for Doug Martin late last night. I can’t believe it. RIP my fantasy team. Haha oh well, so it goes

Well Doug is the lead back so you got someone in a great spot.

I’m rolling out Beef Brissett in one league and Goff in another so :crossed_fingers:

Lucky for me Tyrod Taylor was on waivers so I picked him up and he got me a good game. At least it gives me a week to figure out how to recover from this double whammy.

Good luck to you my man

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