Watson or William's keeper

Keep Deshaun Watson at 14th or Damian William’s at 15th? Full point PPR 10 team league

Watson will probably be the better player. And you are getting him at a value… But I am a wait on qb kinda guy

Damien if he hits is excellent value… But he has been missing some of camp and he could just be a dud.

So I would say if you wanna risk it and hit big go Damien…

If you want the safer but still scoring you a ton go with Watson.

It’s Williams and it’s not even close. I’m not even high on him but to get a potential top 2 round RB in the 15th is too good to pass up.

I have William’s selected as of now, but I’m concerned about his hamstring and his expendability. No money tied to him and anyone can plug and play in that offense. His upside is tasty though. Thanks yall!

this is the ulitmate know your league kind of question. i never keep QBs unless they have some crazy good value. whick a 14th round for watson is. but the fact that you have him that cheap should mean that your league doesnt value QBs highly. if thats the case and most guys are going into the 8th, 9th, 10th round without a QB then keep williams no problem. im not a believer in him, because i think the young guys behind him take over, or this hammy issue he is dealing with lingers forever.

I’m not too firm of a believer as well. QBs are kinda all over the board in this league. I got watson undrafted 2 years ago and kept him at 15th last year. Wasn’t too happy about that decision TBH, but unfortunately those are my only options this year.

Watson could easily find finish in top 3 for QBs this year. And now he has a pass catching RB in Duke Johnson. 14th round is an absolute steal. Williams could share work with Hyde

I guess another option could be hunter henry in the 15th also