Watson Replacement Trade

Hey everyone, needing to replace Watson in a 12 team standard league. I traded away Winston last week and most streamable guys are owned (Goff, Brissett, McCown, Taylor, Dalton) so I am desperate. I’m currently .500, and am basically trying to build a potential boom roster. Offer is:

Receive: Tyrod Taylor and Cooper Kupp
Send: Larry Fitzgerald and LeGarrette Blount

I have Doug Martin, Joe Mixon, Tevin Coleman, Frank Gore, and Derrick Henry at RB.
I have Antonio Brown, DeVante Parker, Mohamed Sanu at WR. Always can find decent stream’s at WR if needed.

Do I go with it? My thoughts are Taylor has a solid schedule going forward, Kupp has upside, while Fitz will probably struggle with Stanton at QB and Blount is a huge question mark with Ajayi now in town.

Thanks for the help!

I like it as ya need a QB-

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That is what I was leaning. Nobody else is really willing to part with a QB, so this very well might be the best I can do. He wanted Mixon and I countered with Blount due to upside - fair move?

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To be honest I don’t want any part of Blount-When the Patriots let ya walk ya know somethings up-I get the money part but he is only a stash play for me-

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That looks like a good trade to me. Tyrod has great ROS schedule