Watson torn acl?!?!

WHAT A HIT?! Sorry for everyone who bought him high. Now excuse me while i change all my fan duel lineups…

Bad year for the NFL. I’ve been trying to sell high all week.

Holy crap!!! That sucks!!!

Ya, sad news not only as an owner, but just as a football fan.


sucks for sure, hopefully he returns to full strength. I held on to Luck all year and lost him for sure and now Watson in the matter of a few hours.

Exactly! The NFL needed the bright spot that was Watson.

I loved watching that team play. Very fun to watch. Feel bad for the guy too. Wanted to see what he could do with a full season as a rookie.

It’s a rough day in fantasy for you man. Hope you get it figured out!

I have Captain Kirk as well, but just lost all depth. Ha. Josh McCown to the rescue I guess