Watson Trade Fallout

I lost Watson and have no QB on the roster.

I can trade Crabtree and Morris for Wilson and Cooper.

My WR would be: Cooper, Jordy, Parker, Tate, Shepard.

I have to do this right?!?


I’d really look to trade Parker and someone else for a QB

Wilson is freaking great and maybe Cooper can be good again… But I’d like to hold onto crabtree if I could.

I agree. I don’t want to part with Crabtree. Wilson is a stud but I’ll be very thin at WR. Losing Jordy and now Watson hurts. If Jordy had A-Rod I would get rid of Crab

Yes I agree… You would of been fine a couple weeks ago… But not it leave you thin…

I’m in a 10 Team standard and for some reason every team has 2 QB or 3 QB rostered. QB is very thin, I believe in upside of Shepard, Parker, Tate. Do you think it’s worth it to stream QB or do I have to make a move and get rid of Crab?

RB: Freeman, Hunt, Martin, Morris, Lewis, Coleman

What’s the zeke owner have for QBs

I’d look to maybe package Coleman and Morris and hope the zeke owner is looking for a RB replacement.

Cousins. Only other team with 1 QB rostered.

I offered Morris and Parker for a team that needs wins now and WR , RB help

Bummer yeah I don’t love cousins.

I’d try to get a Dak or Brady or brees or wentz for maybe Coleman and Parker… Or Coleman and Shepard.

Not sure that’s possible but the right team might take it.

or Matt Ryan for cheap…

Wilson is great but giving up crabtree hurts.