Watson trade idea

Hey everyone I’m in a 12 person .5 ppr league and wanted your thoughts on a trade in which I trade my Julian Edelman, josh Allan and Curtis Samuel or Matt Breida for deshaun Watson and Tyler lockett…am I winning or losing the trade, along with is it fair or am I giving up too much or too little. Posted are pictures of my team. Thanks!

I would wait, you have Trubisky and Allen, Trubisky could take a big step forward. However, A trade of gordon and samuel for lockett could be an option.

I’m a little confused how you will trade Josh Gordon when he’s not on your team. Unless you have an IR spot that he’s in or something?

Correction, josh Allan…sorry for the error, but thanks for your feedback

Bump up…after last nights game, Mitch did not look good and put me in a big hole. What do you think I should do now…move forward with the trade or hold off and see how josh Allan is? Thanks

I think Allen has a much higher upside with the rushing. I also played Trubisky last night…woof. I wouldn’t trade Allen away unless there are some solid QB’s on the waiver wire because I don’t think you want Trubisky starting every week. Allen if he can be somewhat consistent can be a solid QB1. I don’t think that’s true for Trubisky.