Watson v Goodwin keeper?

I’m in a 14 team PPR league and I don’t have the greatest keeper options this year. Should I keep Deshaun Watson in the 13th or MariquiseGoodwin in the 14?

Seems like an easy one but i think QB is very deep this year. Also, Goodwin could be a WR 2/3 if things go good in San Fran. Am I overthinking this one?

Would help to know…

  1. QBs you expect others to keep
  2. Any other keepers you have

I would lean towards Goodwin here without knowing anything else.

If those are your only options, than I would choose Watson. What does the rest of your roster look like? And what are your keeper rules?

I’d prefer Watson given his assumed ADP this year and the round you can keep him at. Starting caliber QB vs a WR who’ll be #2 on his team

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14 teams and every team gets 1 keeper that was drafted after the 6th round year prior. Roster is


Mahones will probably be the only other QB being Kept. The only other interesting options I have would be
Booker in the 14
Clement in the 14

Watson is def the best value, his ADP is in the 4th right now (12 team). Goodwin is not a bad keep based on the info provided. His ADP is in the 8th (12 team).

How does the round a player is kept chooses?

Normally I’d go with the WR, and would caution against Watson in general, but at that price, and if Goodwin is the only other consideration, the upside of Watson is worth it. Goodwin can still likely be had at a value on draft day.

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I would keep Watson due to the talent and value. It is only a one round difference, and if you wanted to redraft them depending on how your team drafts you would have to grab Watson in the 3rd or 4th and could probably grab Goodwin in the 11th. Keep Watson, don’t have to worry about QB the rest of the draft, and load up on RBs and WRs, maybe one of the top 3 TEs in the 3rd round.

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Normally, I would never keep a QB. But Watson at the 14th is a deep discount to where I would draft him, not even mentioning how crazy his ADP is. Also, keeping him you can probably trade him for a better skilled position player and take another late round QB in the draft. The hype for Watson is full on.

Whereas Goodwin is probably the 2nd, maybe even 3rd option in that offense.

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