Way too early Auction Keepers

Hey guys I have a lot of talent in my keepers for a $200 budget auction league. I can keep two from this list:

Juju Smith-schu- $16
Joe Nixon- $41
Kerryon Johnson- $32
Devonta Freeman- $29
Josh Jacobs- $27
Devin Singletary- $7
AJ Brown- $15
Deebo Samuel- $15

Any advice or thoughts are much appreciated!

Need to know more about your league to give good advice: Is this PPR? How many starting roster spots/total roster spots etc.

In a vacuum with normal sized rosters and ppr Joe Mixon is 100% a lock imo. He’s a top 10 pick this year for 1/5th of your budget. I’m not an auction expert but iirc most top level RB’s go for 50-60$. Joe Mixon has that ceiling you want.

Then I’d probably keep AJ Brown out of preference, Jacobs close 2nd, but it depends on who you prefer and league settings.

Kerryon and Devonta are out of the equation.

JuJu is a possibility, but at this point, until there’s more certainty of ben’s return I’m out. I’m guessing you can’t wait for clarity on the situation and have a league deadline though.

Both Singletary and Deebo were fantastic as rookies(great value). But you can’t keep them over Mixon or AJ Brown imo

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It is a half-ppr league. Mixon, Aj Brown, and Jacobs were my three front runners, the value on singletary seemed super appealing though.

We can keep players 3yrs in a row for $5 more than the previous year’s cost. Free agents are $15.

League is :10 team, saw QB, 2 rb, 2 wr, flex, te, def, kicker 8 bench 2 IR,