Way too early keeper questions

I’m drafting in the second slot this year but might have the overall first pick since I believe the guy in front of me will keep someone in the first round. This means I might be able to keep 4 and then just draft Pitts in the first (I really can’t see my self moving off Pitts) With that in mind…

Who would be your 4 keepers?

PPR League with 1QB, 2RB, 3 WR, TE, WR/TE, WR/RB
Pitts - 1st
Diontae - 2nd
Javonte - 3rd
JK Dobbins - 4th
Pollard - 11th
Jalen Hurts - 18th
Etienne - 20th
Elijah Moore - 20th
Renfrow - 20th
Elijah Mitchell - 20th

Javonte, dobbins, hurts and renfrow I think. Would prob take off hurts if keeping pitts.

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Hurts is the 18th is amazing value. He was QB6 overall last year and that was with the hurt ankle at the end of the year.

Etienne, Pollard, and Renfrow are the other keepers for me. All of them will deifintely out perform their draft positions where you got them.

I personally dont think Pitts is worth the 1st round keeper, especially with Mariota and a rookie throwing him the ball. Yes, he will be basically the only target but scoring opportunites will be very limited. ATL still has a bad O-line, turrible defense, and a big downgrade at QB.

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Javonte, Dobbins, Hurts,…and Etienne. Pitts should be great in the future, but I think this year is questionable, plus as you said you might be able to grab him again anyways. Etienne is a hold my breathe pick from me, I think he might have that backfield by himself initially and the value is great. I feel like Renfrow and Moore could have regression from last year, and I hate dealing with the SF RB randomizer.

Honestly Pitts would be my pick over Etienne, but I like the game of seeing if he comes back to me.