Wayne Gallman value with Saq down

Saquon is gonna miss some time and Gallman will not be a 100% replacement for him in that offense, but what are you seeing his value at moving forward with the injury

Personally… I’m not interested… though I seem to be the minority here. If you’re desperate for a temporary RB then sure… but he’s a mediocre (at best) talent on an awful team with no OLine… who is only going to get work while Barkley is out.

I’ll pass - Life long Giants fan, I’m hoping they try & stay competitive & trade for Kenyan Drake or sign CJ Anderson - Gallman cannot carry the full load, minimal value in PPR

Can you please look at my trade post & reply with your opinion. Thanks.

Gallman is nothing special. Think Carlos Hyde on a worse offense.

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I’m with Jake also. I think hes going to be hugely overvalued, and people with overpay for him IMO. If your hurting bad at RB then I guess break out the wallet, but I wouldn’t expect a huge return for your investment.

Saquon has tree trunk legs and even he couldn’t do too much. Not interested.