WB trade for an upgrade?

Hey guys. Full PPR 6pt TD

3 player keeper league, In desperate need of a QB since everyone draft 2 and early. One team kept Brady and then drafted Rodgers but is in need of RBs after loosing both Dobbins and now Gus bus. Would you try and work out a deal with Monty who next year would be a 3rd round keeper and like Golladay (maybe add a draft pick) for Rodgers? Currently have wentz but switch to Darnold of the matchup, any suggestions would be great thanks!

Trading Monty puts you in a real tough spot with depth, since you wouldn’t really have a viable backup. I would just roll with Wentz and keep your depth.

I’d actually hold the line for right now. You are in a very good spot with those RBs, so don’t thin yourself out at a position that is currently a significant strength.

If anything, I’d have Monty in your lineup ahead of Deebo (even considering those matchups).

See if you struck gold with Wentz or go after some lower cost QBs in a few weeks like Cousins or Ryan if someone like a Golladay or Smith shows out early in the season.

I’ve been going back and forth with Monty and Deebo. It seems hard to pass up on that Detroit matchup

Don’t trade anything of value for a QB, TE, K or D. Just pick one off the waiver wire and go.