WDIS: Chubb or Judge Ito

In light of the Hyde trade, who would you start?

Thanks for posting this buddy. I’m having the EXACT same dilemma since I’ve picked them both up this week in light of all the news concerning both of their teams. :thinking:


Not really close for me, Chubb all day. Still imagine Coleman will get the majority of touches. So far with Ito, even when Freeman was out, if he didn’t get a TD he’d have nothing.


I’ve actually decided to go with Chubb for the fact that he is the starter and isn’t hindered by more favorable weapons on his offense like Ito is. Also, TB give up more points to the RB than NYG do.


" if he didn’t get a TD he’d have nothing."

Solid point.

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I LIKE IT!!! I’ve already got him sitting in my FLEX. Got Gurley and Coleman starting.

I’m starting both over all my RBS. Crowel,powell,hines,bell,Conner for this week

Gotta do what you gotta do…I’d probably do the same…

At first blush I would’ve started one of the Jets RBs but they’re playing Vikes who do give up a lot of points to the RB. Hines also stood out to me but I agree with your move.

Giants allow 121 rushing yards, ITO SMITH will have a wonderful day. Vikings only allow 92 rushing yards. Nick Chubb will have a good day against Buccaneers defense.