WDIS? flex help thanks <3

full PPR

Kirk, agholor, or hines

Answer me1! NOW OR ELSE!

Hines in my opinion

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Well, not Agholor. Agholors won’t fight without a leader.

Typically in PPR, I’m going to flex a WR over a RB, all things being equal, so probly Kirk; Hines might out-catch him, but Kirk appears to be the more likely red zone target.

This question got me digging into the Cardinals’ stats a little, and I didn’t realize that AJ Green was the 2nd-most targeted receiver on the team–but he only caught 2 of his 6 targets. Kirk and Moore were tied with 5 targets each, but Moore caught 4 of his 5 and Kirk all 5 of his 5…including 2 TDs. So that was probly Green’s shot. I would expect his target share to go down to more like 2-3 going forward, with everyone else gaining one.

So Kirk is probly the clear #2 WR right now for a QB who threw 4 TDs in Week 1–so I’m going with Kirk, cap’n.

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damn great insight as usual. thanks chief!

oh btw, lemme pick your brain . should i drop agholor or pittman to pick up darnell mooney or maybe zach moss? full ppr

Not at this time.

Æ™, I.O.U.!