WDIS in a must win game?

Looking for some lineup advice for must win game. Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, or Jamis Winston? Seeing as I lost Doyle do trust Cameron Brate or Jordan Reed? Full point ppr

TE first: I say Cameron Brate because he has more red zone potential seeing as Tampa likes targeting TE in the Endzone. Reed is going to have McCoy leading the charge though and has shown he likes Reed but if it’s purely a 1 game situation I’d still pick Brate because Reed is banged up so he might see limited play. :man_shrugging:t3: idk though. Keep those factors in mind and track it till Sunday. As for QB I say Aaron Rodgers because he’s going against a sloppy Defense and GB is looking for a team to beat up on after these past few games I’d say, whereas the other 2 will see tighter defense.

Big Ben at home = money. Winston vs Carolina is great too, their D is trash.

Then start Brate vs Carolina who are the worst defending team against TEs. It’s a lock for Brate to see a TD there.

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