WDIS? QB / RB2 / Flex

Looking for some help regarding my lineup. My possible options for QB are Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Trubisky. My options for RB / Flex are Joe Mixon, Marlon Mack, Kenny Golladay, and Corey Davis. Who do I start? Full point ppr.

QB I’d go Rodgers because… it’s Rodgers! But really as Big Ben is on the road and the Jags have been reeling but they still have the players to make plays in the passing game and still rank 1st against the pass overall this year. Mitch feels like a trap game for me, I know it’s a home game but I don’t think that the Vikings is a DST to be targeting and when you have one of the best of all time, in a game that the packers need to win as your other QB I’m not getting cute with it.

Flex wise i’m saying Corey Davis, he gets massive volume and in full PPR has a safe floor and against the Colts pass D in a game that will have multiple scores for both teams and an offense that is clicking now he’s the choice here. Mixon vs the Ravens could be a bust and doesn’t have the ceiling that Davis does this week and Mack against the Titans run D is a no as well.

I agree with the above take.

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