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WDIS? Rudolph (Thielen out) or Hollister tonight?

Who should I start? Need major upside.

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Since Week 9 when Thielen was hurt, MIN TEs have outperformed expectation by 12 points per game, and Rudolph has been the primary beneficiary. That is a huge number bolstered by TDs, obviously, and Rudolph is still seeing only about 50% of TE targets on the year, so regression and variance are both highly in play. But if you need major upside, Rudolph has the better matchup and has shown he can go off with Thielen out, so I’d gamble there. Important note: That assumes you can keep Hollister on your roster. I’m not dropping him if I can avoid it given his Week 16 tilt with Arizona. Good luck!

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This is great to know, thanks! I currently have Hooper and Engram on my roster (both out), hence the Hollister/Rudolph stream. Wondering how I should go about rostering all 3 moving forward?

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Very tough. I would prioritize keeping Hollister, and then base it on how the latest injury reports look before you have to make a call tomorrow on waivers. Getting down to the point where you may have to take a chance on cutting one or both of the injured guys, but try to get as much last-minute info as you can first.

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