WDIS with Golladay out, need help!

Full PPR. Jonathan Taylor @ JAX or Marvin Jones Jr vs CHI in the flex.

Gimme MJJ if Kenny is ruled out officially.

Does MJJ possibly lining up against Fuller scare you at all?

Fuller is a great corner but for me I think Stafford will force feed him the ball enough and all you need is one big play to get a big week from MJJ. Seems like a solid floor to throw in the flex with great upside!

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Taylor 1000%. Bears D will be lights out to start the season. Will take a few games for the 40 second, 3 and out offensive circus to start wearing out the Defense.

When Jimmy Graham IS the answer, there is no answer.


Gimme Taylor in a game with positive game script for a heavy rushing workload. Think Indy tries to show off their new toy after what CEH did on Thursday night.