WDIS: WR Woes: Thomas, Adams, Bryant, Thielen

So we all saw the mess that was week 1. I am now left with a very shaky WR corp that I am not sure what to do with, I would appreciate your guys’ input:

M. Thomas vs NE
M. Bryant vs MIN
D. Adams @ ATL
A. Thielen @ PIT

I also have D. Parker on the bench and basically need to pick 3. I started Thomas, Brant, and Adams week 1 and left Thielen’s 20 points on the bench to go on to lose by 6. I am leaning towards starting the same 3, but Thielen has really got me feeling it and I’m not sure if I should put him in over Adams or Bryant.

I’d go Thomas, Parker and Thielen.

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Thomas, Bryant, and Parker

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You don’t like Adams in a potential shootout with Atlanta in primetime?

Personally, I’m not sure Adams is going to have another year like last year.