We need owners for future drafts

So I’ve got an email of 90 people that we’ve been drafting and already done a total of 28 drafts. If your looking for competitive leagues with

ESPN Snake drafts
12 team leagues
60 second picks
Leaguesafe majority vote

you will wanna jump in on my email list. I’ll be running a lot more leagues few will be $5 but mostly from now on out will be $20-$60 with some maybe higher then $60. We’re looking for fresh faces to compete with us and give us a new challenge since most our drafts have gone the same lately.

If you would like in please provide me your email and I’ll send all new league info when we have openings.

These are re draft leagues

Still looking for owners to add to our email list. We’re up to 100

Still takin names

If your looking for leagues this is the right spot. I’ll send out emails to everyone on the list and they get first chance which they fill up fast. If you want in the list for future drafts let me know.

Still looking for owners for future drafts, this just makes it much easier to fill leagues really fast.

I want in this for sure