Weak at WR. Who should I target?

I’m 4-2 gonna be 4-3 in my .5ppr 14 team league. I need another reliable WR.
What WR should I try to target?

RBs: Conner, Fournette, R. Freeman, J. Howard, Chubb, C. Thompson
WRs: AB, Golladay, Goodwin, Trequan Smith, J. Kearse


Maybe Jeffery on the cheap if possible. Anyone on the cheap. Or all in on a star. I’m gonna try for Diggs, a Ram, or Julio (depending on tonight), Cooper possibly, maybe Baldwin, or Adams/Allison/Cobb (any of the 3 to pair with MVS), this week. The top guys are expensive as can be right now. Guys like Diggs are getting trashed by some now. I want him.

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Whoever you can get in return for Howard or Royce Freeman

I was trying to go for Diggs/Cooks/Baldwin/Adams. RB’s on my team are good but each have their own risks. Injuries to Fournette, Freeman & Thompson make them untouchable at this point and Jordan Howard’s value is next to nothing to my league-mates.
After week 8, Conner’s ROS value is a complete gamble.
Chubb, however, could be a league winner if he sees Hyde-esque volume and may be my only RB option with trade appeal.
Am I giving too much in a 1-1 trade for Diggs/Cooks/Baldwin?

What WR would you trade to get either of them? What WR would you trade to get both of them?

Cooks has most appeal to me because of the high octane offense. Then Diggs a close second just because Thielen is stealing the show. Baldwin I wouldn’t really break the bank for that’s a run first team now

For Adams I’d offer Howard and one of the injured guys to get the convo started. Then I’d do Howard and a WR. Who’s your WR?

WRs: AB, Golladay, Goodwin, Trequan Smith, J. Kearse

Was offered Golladay & Chris Thompson for Diggs?
How fast do I hit accept?

How did I do on this trade?
Always appreciate your input!

If you’re referring to Golladay and CT for Diggs, I would say you did well.

I like Diggs side of that trade.

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I think it was a solid deal. Diggs has more upside then Kenny G and Thompson is so injury prone. You definitely upgraded your WR without breaking the bank

@cveltre15 @MikeMeUpp
So the Diggs owner changed his mind. But countered with TY Hilton instead of Diggs. He also asked for Chubb.
The trade would be Golladay and Chubb for TY
I think it’s too much.
Also who is better ROS TY or Diggs? Let me know what you think. Thanks again

That’s too much. Just pass on the trade. I hate people that recant on their trades like that and then completely reverse it into something absurd. When people do stuff like that, I basically just stop trading or responding with them and tell them if they have an offer, send it in an inbox. Otherwise, don’t bother cause it’s a waste of time.

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Yea I agree with @MikeMeUpp giving up too much. I think TY and Diggs will be close ROS but not enough to justify throwing Chubb in. Kenny G had one bad week he’ll bounce back

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@cveltre15 @MikeMeUpp

Would you trade away Chubb for TY straight?
Or Chubb for John Brown?

@AlohaBall depends on your other RB. Yes for TY no for Smoke Brown

YOu cannot afford to trade Chubb for TY or Brown right now. If Bell comes back, Chubb is arguably your RB1. AB/Golladay are a fine combo for WR with Smith as your WR3.