Weak knees

Hellow fellow Fantasy Footballaficionados!

Although I was pretty satisfied with my draft and I won the first two games in my league, I’m trying to figure out what to do with some players with questionmarks on my team.

First, let me give you the depth of my team (12 teams, full PPR):

  • QB: Russel Wilson, Jared Goff*
  • RB: Todd Gurley, Chris Carson, Austin Ekeler, Matt Breida, Tevin Coleman, Malcolm Brown
  • WR: Deandre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill**
  • TE: OJ Howard, Chris Herndon***
  • K: Will Lutz
  • DEF: San Francisco

*Was acquired in a trade (for Pollard).
** Was acquired after his injury, in a trade (for Justin Jackson, Hardman and Waller).
*** Was recently picked up from the waivers. Too soon, I know. But I panicked about Howard.

Now, I was wondering if any of you had some feedback on how I should move forward:

  • Do Breida (injury-prone), Coleman (injured) and Brown give me enough insurance for when Gurley has issues with his knee, Gordon returns to the Chargers or Carson starts losing to Penny? Or should I try to trade Breida and/or Coleman for something else?
  • With Brees down, can I rely on Thomas to hold the fort till Hill returns? (I actually acquired Hill with the idea he could fill in for Ekeler if Gordon returns)
  • What to do about my TE? I’m giving Howard another chance this week. Keep gambling on him or Herndon of shift to another player?

Thanks in advance! Appreciate your toughts!