Weak qb options

My league for some reason rosters 2qbs a team besides me who is streaming until Luck gets back.

My options.
Bradford (biggest worry is he is questionable)

Help me out. Waivers for weekend games clear tomorrow.

I would still go with Bradford. He’s high off last week and nothing is going to keep him from getting back on that field. I’m a Steelers fan and I still think hes going to have a good game. Plus I think they’ll be playing from behind so they’ll be airing it out

Yeah he is my first option i just dont wanna be without a qb for Sunday. Am i crazy for dropping Amandola to put a 2nd qb on my roster as a safety net besides Bradford?

Bradford if healthy then flaco

I’d stay away from Flacco. I’d take a hard look at Siemien after Bradford.