Weaknesses I need to pay attention to?

Hey guys I just wanted your opinions on what my weaknesses are. I think RBs are going to be my weak spot. You think I should try trading one of my top WR for for an RB or wait it out?

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I’m not sure what kind of value you’re going to get right now. If you look at your team this way… Julio, Hill, and McLaurin will be 100% weekly starters. Lamar should still be a true positional difference maker as well… I’m not high on either Ingram nor Bell to be honest… but if you combine their floors with the upside of your WRs and QB, they definitely aren’t going to dumpster your team…

You aren’t deep at WR either. I definitely wouldn’t look to cripple your strength (those top 3 WRs) to strengthen your weakness. That’s just how you end up with a middle of the pack finish. I actually like Scott and Thompson a lot as PPR backs and Mack is fine to roster since even if he loses the starting job, he’ll still be a high value handcuff with possible standalone value. I feel like Howard and Brown are wasted roster spots for you and they have no trade value. I’d consider dropping Brown for another WR or even 2nd high upside TE like Jarwin, Jonnu, or Fant. Howard you can roster in the off chance that this offense is better than we project and he has at least a TD hog role, but that may just be wishful thinking.

If youre going to attempt any trade before the season, I would actually offer Bell and Ingram for one good 2nd tier RB like Mixon, Jacobs, or CEH. If you managed to pull that off, you could just rotate your other backs into your RB2 spot. I’m doubtful you’d be able to pull that off. But personally, I think that would be the best move for your team.

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