Weather concerns in Cleveland

I’m starting to panic about the weather in Cleveland. The forecast calls for wind and heavy rain, up to an inch per hour.

I have Big Ben and AB so this could really mess with that. My backup QB is Luck and that seems risky, but may be better than starting Big Ben in a hurricane.

Is there any reason to even consider starting Brandin Cooks over AB if the weather is as bad as they say?

NEVER bench AB. Never.
I think I’d play Luck, though.

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Never bench AB.

Also, I just read on twitter that the weather as getting blown out of proportion. Just check it tomorrow before the games start to see how it is.

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People are overreacting IMO. You should still play your stars. Just temper expectations.

Luck over Big Ben is understandable. Cooks over AB is not. As others stated, never bench AB

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Once per year everyone overreacts to a weather situation and we have to be reminded to not get carried away by the forecast. I’m not saying this game is that game - because high winds are the most impactful on fantasy numbers - but it’s always a good reminder to not get so wrapped up in weather, etc that we make awful calls.

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The only thing less accurate than peoples fantasy football projections? Weather forecasts.


If the wind is over 20 mph stats show that it can drastically affect offensive output. Rain doesn’t really bother me much, but wind does. I have the same two QBs and have taken Big Ben out in favor of Luck. That game is indoors and I expect Indy to be in a shoot out or trying to come back from being down so there should be a lot of throwing going on.

As stated, don’t bench AB. Temper expectations, but in a bad weather situation he could still easily catch a WR screen and take it all the way, or rack up a ton of short catches to go along with the running game.

True, but this isn’t simply a weather forecast. It’s what remains of Tropical Storm Gordon. This is not regular wind and rain. Going to be a lot of sad AB owners on Monday.

this is really the most likely scenario, I agree. but the Cleveland weather guys says he doesn’t even know how people are going to be able to sit in the stands for this game, let alone have Ben throw a football for a 5-10 yard screen. I really hope the NFL moves this game.

Looks overblown this morning in the live look in from the stadium it was raining and the wind still might be around 18-20 mph but it didn’t look brutal. The higher wind seems to be coming around 4pm.

JuJu is scaring me too. I benched him for AP