Weather Forecast in KC today, Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms

How much does this affect the wrs in the game today?

I was going to start DeMarcus Robinson, but now I’m not so sure.

What are you all doing with these players in your lineup today?

I don’t have any chiefs but it depends on who else you have. I would debate on sitting Robinson because of the ravens defense and the weather.

It’s actually between Woods, Kupp, Breida, and Robinson.

Need to start 3 of those 4.

Full ppr, 1 point for all first downs, bonus points for 40 yard plays, which is why I wanted to start Robinson, because of the explosive upside.

How many bonus points for 40 yd plays?

Up to 1 point for 40 yd receiving plays, up to 3 points for 40 yard running plays.

I would bench Robinson for Woods, Kupp, and Breida. One nice thing about Woods and Kupp is that the top CB on the browns is expected not to play and their defense is banged up in general

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I’m starting Sammy Watkins in 2 leagues and hoping for the best!

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@jacob_vines Goff or Jimmy G today? 6 point passing tds. Plus up to 1 point for 40 yd plays. 3 points for 300 passing yards. My opponent has Brady this week too.

Goff, browns defense is looking injured right now and top CB is most likely out for the game.