Weather impact question from Zeta for tonight

with the current weather situation not looking good for the Atl/Car game, are you sitting your pass catchers in this game?

half ppr - have DJ Moore in one league and would swap in Woods, Deebo out this week. (half ppr)

full ppr - in another i have mike davis, you feel more confident in the RBs on this one? have Hyde and Gio (if mixon is out). not many options to fill in with all the injuries i have right now. dying for ekeler to come off IR soon.

From what I understand, it is going to be light rain.

That being said, I have Teddy B, Davis, and Koo playing tonight. So, hopefully the rain doesn’t affect the passing game too much.

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I had the same question but with QB, streaming Teddy tonight and have DJ. I am playing both at this point. Carr and Cousins are also facing terrible weather. Supposed to calm down tonight before game time. I will be deciding at 7pm CST.

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im looking to pivot from Koo if i can find something better on waivers.

light rain doesnt sound as bad as i was expecting.

would you rather play “safer” with weather and go woods? or roll with moore? woods has been what i was hoping for with my draft pick.

ill def be following up closer to game time but this one is tricky.

Depends on what you need. I think Woods is safer but Moore has more upside. Could be a sloppy RB game but could also mean a falling-down-DB-DJ Moore 75 yard TD as well. I think if you have a good record and moderate opponent, I would play Woods. I was going to pick up Slye to play but am pivoting away from kickers in this game.

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guy im playing has a lot of favorable matchups, hoping mixon doesnt play which would leave him light in the Flex.

4-3 along with 7/12 in the league. woods matchup was a tough one last week, but ill be tilting on this one all day. gonna monitor weather and see how its looking. seeing some mixed stuff online.

his top players this week - CEH, Allen Robinson, Fulgham, Cheifs DST.
mine - jacobs (need bounce back), boston scott, metcalf and gaskin (tough matchup, hoping they lean on him with tua’s first game).

Not gonna lie, that’s a tough matchup. I’d be tilting on the decision as well. I am 5-2 and tied for first. So I am playing DJ over M Brown and D Parker. Not really much of a decision for me.

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Good point about staying away from the Ks in ths one. I picked up Elliot since PHI is playing DAL.

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Last minute thoughts on / game? I just swapped dj on over woods…