Weather in Buffalo, Starting J. Allen?

The winds are looking like 25-35 mph winds, I dont have much available for pickup but I could grab mason rudolph. Any thoughts

that kind of wind has a negative impact on FF points

That was my thoughts, I dont know if its a good idea to bench him or not. I have Sam Darnold and Mason Rudolph available so Im not sure what to do.

posted in another thread but I am thinking of benching Allen for Jameis. Trying to not jump off the ledge just yet

Agreed, Im trying to figure out if I should grab Rudolph or not…40 mph wind gusts really lowers what Allen could do. Im sure there will be plenty of short passes.

In the same boat…I have Darnold and Rudolph and Tannehill are on the wire…blahhh…I’m thinking of starting Darnold. What do you guys think

Allen still has the rushing upside as well, I think I am going to stick with Josh Allen. He usually doesnt throw deep anyway. There will be plenty of check downs, I think hes safe enough.

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Tannehill I think is a good option of the 3 you have available. I would take Tannehill over Allen honestly.

How about the running game. Should I play miles sanders. I personally think this effects Josh Allen’s play. Both quarterbacks are downgraded.

Agreed both QB’s are downgraded, the question is how much. Allen has never been a deep threat with his passing. The run game against the Eagles is a bad match up, they stop the run decently well from what I read. Im really struggling, Allen has a solid floor but so does every QB against Miami.

Allen or Brees

I would play Brees personally.

Appreciate the post, didn’t see the weather. J brown and Allen owner.

Play cooks, michel, or aj brown over John brown?