Weather-Philly vs Arizona

Please be aware of weather conditions in Philly today when choosing QB and WRs (especially Arizona). The winds will be in the 25 MPH range along with rain. Fitz should still have a decent floor but other Wrs from Arizona not so much. This may so impact on Palmer as well.

Hmmmm…thanks for the information. Makes it harder for me to justify starting Jaron Brown as WR2.

Can you verify where the information came from? The latest I heard was that the weather won’t be anything to be concerned about here even though it probably will rain. Just don’t want people to be mislead

I actually just saw on Sportscenter that there’s a 51% chance of rain and only 10 mph winds

As of now it’s a little breezy with some slight gusts but doesn’t seem like 25mph…and overcast but no rain…it did rain some earlier with about a 40-50% chance throughout the day…doesn’t look like it would be bad enough to have a heavy impact

It came from the fantasy footballers website, there is an article that covers several games.

Gotcha. Gusts of up to 25 mph, that makes more sense. The writer of that article seems to be more down on the Cardinals offense today than most experts seem to be. Ultimately I don’t think the weather will be an issue

If we believe Weather Channel website- it says thunderstorms starting around noon with 10-15 mph wind. 80-90 percent chance of rain. Of the weather have the only job where you can be right 50 percent of the time and still keep your job.

Right haha. Sal Pal was on FF Now a little while ago and said they’re expecting the rain to clear up by game time