Website mock draft help

Need a little help here.

Our draft order was just drawn today and we all have a keeper. Are there any websites I can use, to give each team their keeper, put us in our draft order and then do an auto mock?


fantasypros draft wizard is where I do 99% of my mock drafts. Currently, I’m not in any keeper leagues so I don’t use the paid version, but if I was I would totally download it. You could do a mock draft in minutes and it’s different every time, feels like you’re mocking against real people.

It’s 5 bucks a month for the MVP package which includes you getting to pick your keepers.

BUT they are running a deal right now where you get 6 months of their top end package for free if you deposit 10 dollars into a NEW PlayDraft account (a bestball DFS app the ballers also promote). It must be a new account though.

Hope this helped man

Sleeperbot potentially has a solution for you.

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