Week 1 Darnold or Cousins (I have DJ & CMC)

So I ended up punting at QB in the draft, will be streaming either all season or until a rookie is worth starting permanently. I actually went Lance hoping for the start Week 1, but with the finger chip I’m pivoting. I initially went with Cousins but am thinking of swapping to Darnold. I have both CMC and DJ, a home game, plus a potential revenge game, and to be honest I don’t see a big jump in Cousins vs Darnold. Cousins may not have to do a lot against Bengals, whereas Panthers/Jets could be a more competitive game.

Cousins at Bengals
Darnold vs Jets

Stick with Cousins or swap to Darnold?
Also, available are: Fitzmagic, Carr, Big Ben, Wentz, Bridgewater
(10-team standard league & 16 QBs went before me)

So you have the best fantasy QB in the NFL next to Rodgers and Watson over the final 8 games of 2020, and you think you should replace him?