Week 1 dilemma

Since Kenny G. is looking doubtful for week 1, should I start Jonathan Taylor or Robert Woods in his spot? Standard league. Thanks for the help.

Woods…not even close!

I would go with Woods in a standard league.

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the info.

I expect the Colts to be up so the volume for their backs to be high but I think you have to go Woods man! Glad I could help! Hopefully it’s good help! Good luck!

Woods 100%.

J. Taylor: Firstly, INDY play away. We still don’t know if he’s going to get the opportunity with Marlon Mack there. He’s projected to be one of the better rookies with the committee in week 1. He’ll most likely end up the RB #22 or #23 in standard scoring.

R. Woods: LAR are going to play their first game in their new stadium. Woods is proven as one of the best WR’s in the league. He’s been projected to be the best WR on this team by many analysts. He’s projected to finish as the WR #14 this week too.

Hope this helps even a little.

This helps a lot thank you. I was leaning a little towards Woods, but the upside of Taylor in the juicy Jax matchup was making me second guess. I didnt think about the shared backfield with Mack and now that Cooks is gone more targets should come Woods way. Thank you for the insight.

Robert Woods!!! Guy is consistent and good be in for a big game, Taylor still has to shows us that he is a beast.

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Woods even though Indy should be able to rack up 200 yards on the ground. If Taylor is the future they might just run Mack into the ground.