Week 1 flex .5PPR question

So I’m starting Chris Carson, Josh Jacobs, Kipp and Ridley

My flex options are
Boston Scott
Devante Parker

Currently I’m leaning towards Chark or Gallup in the flex, what are your thoughts?

Also I don’t have a kicker, would you be willing to drop one of these players or Matt Ryan for a kicker? I have Watson as my QB

Anyone have thoughts?

That’s a tough start. I’d be between gallup Parker and chark. My mind is saying gallup but my heart is saying chark. I think ramsey is going to shut Cooper down so gallup should potentially get more looks and as far as if Parker and FitzMagic continue from last year is a toss up

I would drop your second copy of Swift for a Kicker… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Flex Gallup. (drop Matt Ryan, assuming non superflex)

What you mean 2nd copy of swift? I mean ideally I could drop swift, detroit is a messy backfield, I just feel like matt ryan is a good qb and there may be some weeks to start OVER watson? Maybe I’m just being greedy and don’t want others to have him tho, watsons pretty good


Oh LOL didn’t see that