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Week 1 Flex advice?


12 man full ppr

My 3 options are as follows;

Marquise Goodwin @ Minn (love Goodwin and Jimmy, but Rhodes scares me)
Marshawn Lynch vs LA (already starting Cooper and he has a groin injury)
Corey Davis @ Miami (boom or bust guy)

I’m leaning Goodwin but I may be overthinking. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


Corey Davis. Goodwin is getting shadow from Rhodes.


Goodwin or Davis. Goodwin shouldn’t draw Rhodes (Garçon) and if there are any types of WRs Rhodes could potentially struggle with, its the short, quick/incredibly fast types. He’s Jimmy’s favorite target. And they could be playing from behind and forced to throw.

Davis is my favorite but maybe not for this week. I think they’ll be run-heavy but Davis is the obvious no. 1. Mariota’s play is a huge concern. And Miami has a decent secondary (Jones and Fitzpatrick at S, Howard and a couple other decent CBs).