Week 1 Flex advice?

12 man full ppr

My 3 options are as follows;

Marquise Goodwin @ Minn (love Goodwin and Jimmy, but Rhodes scares me)
Marshawn Lynch vs LA (already starting Cooper and he has a groin injury)
Corey Davis @ Miami (boom or bust guy)

I’m leaning Goodwin but I may be overthinking. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Corey Davis. Goodwin is getting shadow from Rhodes.

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Goodwin or Davis. Goodwin shouldn’t draw Rhodes (Garçon) and if there are any types of WRs Rhodes could potentially struggle with, its the short, quick/incredibly fast types. He’s Jimmy’s favorite target. And they could be playing from behind and forced to throw.

Davis is my favorite but maybe not for this week. I think they’ll be run-heavy but Davis is the obvious no. 1. Mariota’s play is a huge concern. And Miami has a decent secondary (Jones and Fitzpatrick at S, Howard and a couple other decent CBs).

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