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Week 1 Flex - Hyde or Henry?


I know Henry is ranked higher, but i’m wondering if Hyde still make more sense since we’re not sure what Henry’s role really is whereas we can tell Hyde is the real #1


I like Hyde between the two. If preseason is indicative of what we will see during the season, Hyde is the guy with Duke Johnson flirting with the third down role. Chubb is not there yet. Henry and Lewis can be a scary two headed beast if used how most are predicting.


That’s what I’m thinking. I tried ballers start sit but it just goes on ranking, which i should have expected for it being free. And i think Henry could be good this week but Hyde just seems like the more guaranteed play. Thanks.


Yea, I don’t like the unknown of what the Titans will do with Henry/Lewis. They brought in Lewis for a purpose and I foresee a two-headed beast of a committee there. This ppr or standard?


1/2pt PPR so the sweet spot of purgatory between that deciding factor lol. I think i’m going Hyde though it just seems safer until we see what TN is actually doing.