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Week 1 Full PPR - Robby Anderson or Royce Freeman?


I’m leaning Royce as my choice! But…convince me otherwise. What do you guys think?



i would go with Royce. Anderson isnt getting the deep ball targets that we have seen in the past. That might change week one but for me i have to see it first to believe it.


With Freeman being the starter I’d go that route for sure. True RBs are hard to come by and while Robby is a good one to have on your roster, Freeman has the upside IMO.


I’d go with Royce too, but I think it depends more on who else you have as RBs.


Freeman for sure


Thanks for the input fellas. josejozay, good point. Here’s my other RBs:

Christian McCaffrey
Dion Lewis
Bilal Powell
Tarik Cohen

Other WRs:

Odell Beckham
Larry Fitzgerald
Allen Robinson
Courtland Sutton


So this:

Freeman and McCaffrey

Beckham and Fitz


I second this ^^^