Week 1 help


I have a couple of questions regarding week 1.

Should I start Aaron Rodgers against Minnesota or should I pick up Tyrod Taylor?

Also, should I chance playing the saints D vs the bucs or should I pick up say the Lions and drop Irv smith?


I’d be fine with starting Rodgers. I would be hesitant on playing the Saints D this week. TB12 doesn’t turn the ball over a lot and I don’t think the Saints D is gonna come away with a big game. I like Irv Smith this season, but what other TEs do you have? I try to stream Ds if possible and try not to hold two unless its the playoffs.

My other TE is Kelce. I’d be dropping Irv to pick up a D. Then next week I’d drop whatever D I picked up. Right now I got the Lions, Broncos (I have Derrick Henry) and Bengals available on the waiver wire as well as some others.