Week 1 RB stinkers

R Freeman, J Williams and A Collins… would like to think Williams and Collins get better game scripts week 2 and Freeman maybe being forced to show he’s deserving of a full load in Den. Thoughts on these guys going forward? Trade targets or guys looking to move?

16 team league, full PPR

I would keep Collins for sure, should get a large workload and just has to shake the first game gitters off. I would also keep Freeman too, ill think he will shape up to be a good back and will have a huge workload going forward. As for Williams, i dont like it, theres to many backs in GB right now and no clear starter, Rodgers is back and is better then ever and showed with that game which means they will be slinging the ball more and wont be as run dominate this year. In my opinion i would keep Collins and Freeman unless you get a Solid deal for one of them.


Yeah… feel the same way… worry more about lack of catches for Collins and Freeman going forward as far as setting their floor. Since these 3 are my starters 2 RB/1Flex in a 16 team full PPR.

Ya, there both great backs for a ground game but lack in the passing side of things. Its a tough situation and would recommend making a trade for a solid Run/Pass catcher. Chris Thompson and James White or some good options that you might be able to get for cheap.