Week 1 Reactions

Oh hello foot-clan friends Don’t worry, I too had some shocking week 1 revelations like many of you. Don’t fear, this is a safe place. Please list your grievances below. I shall start.

So browns? Did I buy in too soon? Is there ever gonna be a time to buy in?
To all jets players outside of Jamison crowder. It’s not your fault. it really isn’t. It isn’t your fault your trapped in the deep grasps of the B-hole.
Finally. To the legend. The unstoppable force for good. The Blake-out. It makes me genuinely sad the possibility you might be out for the season.



My Random Thoughts

Josh Kelley WAY more involved than I thought he would be — Ekeler only 1 target in passing game. Frustrating owning Mostert already - so explosive and dangerous yet he is standing on the sideline most of the game.

Lazard got his late and I wondered where he went for a large part of the game - not sure his score line will be reasonably repeatable. My WR studs were amazing (Adams and Thielen). Completely underwhelmed by Jefferson and Pittman but very impressed with Shenault and James Robinson. Josh Jacobs is a monster. Robert Woods is set to have a monster year. Lamar Jackson is, well, Lamar Jackson. And Dobby The House Elf is more than 4 on the depth chart!

I thought Zeek looked great and Lamb and I worry about Gallup’s targets. And I am heartbroken on Jar-Jar —— owned him in several leagues. But, before he was hurt, I was thinking — too many mouths to feed in this offense. But just a few Cooper hurt feelings for Gallup to be the man again.


I’m glad I’m not the only person who started Thielan and Adam’s. Put Thielan is as a replacement for Galloday and never looked back

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