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Week 1 Replacement for Winston


I need to pickup a week one QB streamer for Winston. The issue is I only have 5 bench spots and need to drop either Gillislee or Duke Johnson.

Available QBs are: Eli, Kirk, Big Ben, Tyrod, Palmer, Wentz, Dalton


How are these guys still available?? If I had to choose ONE… I’d honestly choose Palmer. Best matchup. Steelers will be running the ball a lot so Big Ben may not have that crazy game. Palmer is good here.


Only 5 bench spots doesn’t really allow for keeping a backup QB. I’m leaning Palmer too, just so torn between who to drop.


If it is PPR I’d drop Gillslee, if it’s standard drop Duke. Duke wont produce if it’s not PPR.


It’s full PPR


I’d drop Gillslee then. Duke is a great PPR back in my opinion and Kizer will dump off to him often. Especially if he plays in the slot like they are saying he will.


Thanks @nickknights. Needed the extra opinion since I drafted Gillslee higher than Duke.


I understand if you’d rather keep gill. His upside is higher, but if you NEED to drop one of them… I’d lean toward Gill. Only because you have no idea how the Patriots are going to use him.


I would be nervous dropping Duke or Gillislee but unfortunately you have no choice. I would grab Carson and drop MG as well.


My only other potential option to drop would be Thielen


no no no do not drop him. He’s a great WR this season


Yeah I would be nervous dropping Thielen as well. That is quite the pickle you are in. I like Adam this year too but I just feel like MG’s ceiling is so high, which unfortunately goes with his low floor, because of the NE RB dice roll you have to play every garddarned week.


I agree, I really like Adam this year as well. I have him starting my flex this week and my opponent has Diggs at flex, should be an interesting matchup.

I pulled the trigger on Carson for MG. Thanks for the input @ryan_reitsma @nickknights


Good luck man!


This probably won’t be a popular opinion, but honesty, I’d drop Winston and pick up Dalton. I expect Dalton to have a better year than Winston, and I don’t expect it to be that close. When the Bucs started winning games last year, it was by taking the ball out of Winston’s hands and playing ball control by running the ball. I get that they added shiney new toys, but so did Cincy, and Dalton has actually done it before.