Week 1 Roster Opinions

First off Thank you FFB, because of you guys I have enough wepons on my team to ask this question: I have a RB and a Flex position need to be filled, options are : Frank Gore, Johnathan Stewart, Adrian Peterson, Pierre Garcon , J. Maclin. What would you do and if your feeling teachy why? Thank you

Jonathan Stewart due to goal line opportunity. Pierre Garcon in flex due to the weak secondary and potential for the game to go heavily in CARs favor, resulting in more attempts from Hoyer and targets to Garcon.

If it’s PPR Garçon for sure. I’m slightly down on J stew, especially with the team saying they have separate plans and playbooksnfor mccaffrey. Frank gore is old reliable, but with luck out, they’ll make Tolzien throw by stacking the box. I’d like to see a few weeks of Maclin in that new offense before I feel comfortable starting him. If you want upside and maybe goal line, AP. If non PPR, probably the same people, you’re just hoping for the TDs at that point.