Week 1 Roster Questions

Greg Olsen just showed up on the injury report out of no where & I drafted the Houston DST but they face the pats.

On waivers for TE there’s Cook, Griffin, RSJ, J. James
For DST there’s Titans, Packers, Steelers, Bengals.

Do I drop bench players for any of these options and if so, who?

Bench: Garcon, Barber, Kerryon, Meredith, A. Miller, Godwin & I just put Gillislee as my RB2 for the week.

I like RSJ a lot. I’d cut Anthony Miller. DST…I’m not feeling like any of those options are marked improvements. Maybe Pit because of the weather.

I’m also wondering if I should just play Texans vs the Pats and take the hit in that regard. As you said, none of the other options seem that great.

Pats have the 2nd highest implied total on the week. Cle/Pit o/u just got dropped to 41 from 47. I’m playing Pit def, that game could be ugly on the offensive side. 100% chance of rain 30+ mph winds

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Pit plays KC in Pit next week. Hou travels to Tenn. I don’t know if that makes much of a difference, so I say go for Pit this week. @nwerve makes some compelling points.

Alright, thanks guys. Also, Gillislee vs TB or Barber vs NO for an RB2 this week?

Barber. With Joanthan Williams now back on the active roster, Gilly isn’t doing much.

I didnt realize he got signed back. With game script, isn’t the run game in TB going to be abandoned in favor of the pass since it’s likely for them to be down?

Rsj is nice but for a spot play I’d go vanette for the week.