WEEK 1 Start/Sit! Will I have good JuJu? Or will the Lord help me and give me a “God-win”?

It’s a lame title haha but the question is simple.

PPR wk1 Start/Sit

Juju vs Pats DST
Godwin vs Chiefs DST

My other recover is Robert Woods.

My starting line up and bench is:
QB: King Goffrey
RB: Kamara
RB: Carson
WR: Juju
WR: Woods
TE: Hooper
Flex (QB/WR/RB/TE): Jameis Winston

BE: Godwin
BE: Montgomery
BE: Moore
BE: Jacobs

Roll with Juju & Woods as your WRs until byes or injuries.

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I’d take Godwin at home vs SF than Woods on the road vs Carolina. Like any day.

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I think you gotta go JuJu and Woods. You drafted em high to see how they do right out of the gate, don’t back down now!

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So start Godwin and who else if not Woods?

You drafted Juju to be your WR1, you set him up there and forget about him until his bye week.

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I roll with juju ! Have to see what he does ! Mike Evans still the number 1 .

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