Week 1 Start/Sit

Team (12 man PPR)

Cam Newton
Deondre Hopkins
Odell Beckham jr
Kenyan Drake
Dion Lewis
Jordan Reed
Flex: ______
Chargers D
Jake Elliot

Peyton Barber
Josh Gordon
Keelan Cole
DJ Moore
Ty Lockett

Currently i have Barber in my flex, but i’m afraid the saints are going to put up points and thus TB will be forced to throw resulting in a bad Barber game, but i don’t yet know what to make of either Josh Gordon
or Keelan Cole.

What do you guys think?

bumppy Bump

I’d roll with Cole…groans

But don’t expect much. Either Cole or Lockett.

I’d rather start Gordon. If you want to be safer, than start Cole. Would start both over barber.

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I think your fears with the game script on Barber are valid. I’d play Gordon over the others on your bench.

Giants secondary is weak beyond Jenkins and Collins they have poor fs play. Cole can have a good week. Especially because the giants are typically stout in the run game.

Josh Gordon, he only needs 1 play and Tyrod looooves throwing bombs

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Not sure about this rank. Their run D last year was ranked 26th out of 32 teams per football outsiders DVOA.

Agree their secondary is questionable though and Cole can explode. I am thinking about starting him as my flex in my 3WR/2RB/1 Flex league over cooper kupp.

i would take some things as an outlier from last year… that was a team that gave up. I expect them to return to form on run d as I seen in 2016. Switched to a 3-4 this year so Snacks might have a monster year playing nose. Landon gonna be playing support as well…might be a homer but I am optimistic on the run d.

Giants Run D rankings DVOA per Football Outsiders:

2017: 26
2016: 2
2015: 21
2014: 27

Call me crazy but looks your expectation might be the outlier. Their “Form” is bottom half of the league. Definitely your homerism speaking, not your logic.

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still betting on that outlier. 2016 is when they made their free agent add of Harrison. Teams average 3 yards per carry up the middle with a league average of 3.8. I stand by outlier. They quit last year. Put Snacks was banged up.

If you want to ignore 3 years of data in favor of 1, then sure. I don’t think landin collins gave up last year. I’d say the secondary was horrible. The Dline is what it’s been for a few years. Okay not great. They punched above their weight in 2016. I could see them being middle of the pack this year, but top 5? I doubt it.

I’m just saying they should defend the run well with a healthy snacks. I go back to a time of Boston college football in 2009… You know Mark Herzlich was an absolute monster in college. ( I had a buddy on the team) He tells me the only reason Herzlich was so dominate was simply because of BJ Raji and his interior lineman. Eats up a guard and the center. The center cant come out and chip or block down on the linebacker, letting them run free. Thinking the add of Alec Ogeltree (not the best LB but serviceable) They should do just find in run D. And no there is never quit in Landon Collins. He is a machine.

Thanks for the input guys.

I think i’m going to roll with Cole this week, barber has a bad matchup and i want to wait and see what Josh Gordon’s role is going to be. I agree he’s the best player on the bench, but until i see something from him i just can’t justify starting him.