Week 1 Starting Lineup

Hey all, would love to get some input from everyone on what you think my starting lineup should be. 12 team PPR. 1 Qb, 2 RB, 2 WR, flex and TE. Kicker and DEF.
Roster in no specific order.
QBs- Big Ben, Minshew
RBs-Antonio Gibson, Clyde Edwards Helaire, Josh Jacobs, Chris Carson
WRs-Michael Gallup, Cooper Kupp, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, D.J. Chark, Curtis Samuel, Jalen Reagor
TE- Hayden Hurst Jonu Smith
Def- Bears
K- Robbie Gould

Qb: Big Ben
WR: Kupp and Chark
RB: CEH and Jacobs
TE: Hurst
Flex: Carson or Brown
Def/k - the only ones you got

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That’s what I have, it’s just a really tough decision between Carson and Brown. I think Carson would be more consistent, but Brown has more upside for the big plays. He could score 30 one week and 6 the next week. Maybe it’s Carson until Brown proves he can be consistent week in and week out? Thanks for the feedback

Use the Start Sit tool from the Ballers site and see what they say between Hollywood and Carson

I’d probably go Carson for the floor and Brown for the ceiling honestly. Check your opponent’s lineup and try and judge if you think they might have the upper hand or not. If you think you need all the points you can get, go Brown. If you think your team is solid and you just want a sure fire 10-12 point minimum from the flex, go Carson. That’s not to say he can’t have a much bigger game than that, but it’s a much safer scenario

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