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Week 1 - Starting QB


Week 1, should I start Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, or drop someone to pick up Carson Palmer?


I wouldn’t drop anyone. I guess I would play Dak vs Giants. Cardnials have a better defense.


Dak Prescott


Dak does have his worst games against the giants though, no? If this is the case I’d try to grab Palmer if you can without dropping anyone significant. He has a pretty good starting schedule too. What does your bench look like?


Palmer is looking good this week


Bench: Fitzgerald, Gillislee, Martin, Kelley, Garcon, Stafford.


I would go with Stafford. I wouldn’t want to drop anybody and Dak against the giants I do not think will be a highscoring affair. The cowboys are going to want to shield their defense and keep running the ball and the clock out. The cardinals D is good but I think Stafford could have a Blake Bortles game where it is ugly but he throws so much that he still produces.


Man… I don’t think you can drop anyone on that roster… not yet anyways. I’d just play Stafford.


ya you cant drop anyone from that roster. just go stafford this week.