Week 1 Waiver Wire Pick ups

Hey Crew!

Let’s use this thread to maybe talk over some possible waiver wire picks up that can benefit you. It’s week 1 so there’s some people I’m intrigued with but I still have so many questions as I’m sure everyone does. So who is everyone going after?

WRs: I lost Jeudy in multiple leagues (.5 point redraft so I will most likely just say goodbye- high ankle sprain, no thanks). So on my waiver I’m looking at Zach Pascal, Christian Kirk is out there. Darius Slayton(he was targeted from the beginning!) KJ Hamler- although I like Tim Patrick better. Van Jefferson.

RBs: Ty Johnson? I was hearing big things but those numbers don’t look great. Jamycal Hasty(Mitchell was snagged already). James White (I know someone dropped him). Carlos Hyde.

QBs: I’m in super flex leagues so there’s no one! Except Tyrod Taylor but I don’t want that mess. Dalton but also don’t want any of that.

TEs: Conklin, Austin Hooper, Firkser, Dawson Knox , Juwon Johnson (only one that appeals to me since Winston is a madman).

These are some players that are available in my leagues that stick out to me and maybe make me think about but I don’t necessarily need any of them.

Who are your targets or have questions about?

Heinicke could be intriguing in superflex. Also, Tyrod isn’t the worst bench option for SF either. Roster all the QB’s!

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Ha- that’s my buddy’s theory with super flex.
He just lost Fitz and is down to 4 QBs now. Poor guy.

Kirk is a must pickup, 5 targets yesterday, finally a break out year with Fitz and Isabella out of the way?
Pascal is a maybe, TD went his way, but not enough yardage to justify (also 5 targets, but quality of targets different between Kyler & Wentz)
VJ looks like Staffords deep pass option, pretty intriguing

Is Ingram available? He got 17 carries!!

Stash every QB lol

I’d take my shot on Juwon, and Hooper

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26 Carries! That’s a little nuts. Definitely didn’t see that coming. He’s already rostered though.

Interesting point on Kirk. I didn’t think of that. I was leaning Pascal but now I’m thinking Kirk.
I’m good on TE- thank you- I was just mentioning what was out there to spark a waivers convo.

Anyone you’re looking at and questioning picking up?

I’m hopeful that everyone is distracted by Mitchell and Ingram and I can steal New Orleans DST for cheap


I think either Kirk as mentioned could be a good stash, or one of the Broncos WRs will need to step up. I like KJ there personally.

TEs I’d pass on them all, as you don’t need but also they all have players calling their upside or just aren’t that good. Juwan will be the hot pick up but 18% of snaps and the lucky TDs worry me.

I’d grab White at RB though if you can, he’s worth a spot in full or half PPR.

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Not worried about the Jamaal Williams-revenge game!? LOL!

My end I’m looking for some help at RB.
I’ve got Mostert and Sermon eating up spots, I’ve also got Zeke, Pollard and Ty’Son, Lataviaus and Tony Jones.

Depending on Ty’son tonight I not 100% on who to drop but options are Hines, Mitchell, Ingram, Gainwell. It’s full PPR so I’m thinking to try and get Hines and either Gainwell or Ingram.

I think if Ty’son does well or really well I’ll let Murray go, I’m thinking about one or both of the 49ers as well. It sounds like a backfield rotation each week and could be one to avoid to be honest. I can’t shop them so a landmine approach might be on the cards… thoughts?

You do need some RB help! Sheesh. I say try to bundle Murray to the Wiliiams owner but that’s you. Although, in 3 leagues that I’m in, people have gone crazy trying to get Murray. Maybe you could make a trade for a Jamaal Williams/AJ Dillon or so. Easier said than done. Regardless, I think Murray is the one I would let go.
As for your targets- Hines for sure. Especially with that new contract and your PPR setting: 8 targets and 9 rushing attempts. Jeez. Gainwell was way more involved than I thought he would be- so he’s interesting but Hines is who I’m grabbing.

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Yeah it just sort of fell to me that way so I took the value, was really hoping Mostert would have some good games so I could trade him for a more stable option - Ah well.

If Ty’son does well I could try a trade, the Gus manager also had Henry, Jacobs, Ridley, Pitts so has lost big and I could try a tilt trade and offer the Ravens backfield for something he may bite.

I can probably get Hines though no issue as everyone will be after Mitchell and a couple of WRs / TEs this week.

You think hold Sermon and Mostert one more week and see?

I liked Tony Jones useage, hoping he maybe gets a little more involved and could do something. Or I’ll shop him to the Kamara owner later.

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Mostert I think I’m completely over- but I def hold on to Sermon.
I don’t believe that no one reported that Mitchell was better than him in camp.
I would like to find out the real reason Sermon was inactive though. You def need a piece of that San Fran backfield though. Their schedule is too good. I probably hold him for at least 2-3 weeks. Hard to say that now but def another week.

Kamara usually misses 1-3 games a year. Hold on to Jones.


Yeah I’m with you on Mostert I’m fed up with the injuries, I don’t like the injury prone label but he just can’t stay on the field at all…

I’ll be intrigued to listen to the show this week and see what they say re Sermon everyone was so in. Some had him ranked as an RB2 on the week!

Funny- I’m listening to it now and it’s the same we’re all thinking- where was this reporting from camp? Frustrating.

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Honestly I think so many beat reporters and fantasy analysts were set on sermon that they forgot Shanahan existed.


Mostert to IR, out 8 weeks. I can put him in my IR slot but I doubt he’ll be an impact so may not waste it on him.

Do I now go for Mitchell over Hines as my main target? PPR so it’s close to me.

Get both! You have the extra spot and you were thinking of getting rid of Murray

Will try - Mitchell could be tough to grab now but I’ll angle for both and see!

Yeah I mean if you can’t, then you have Murray which isn’t horrible but I think switching to Mitchell will be the upgrade. Just don’t drop Murray straight up- do it in the transaction.
Good luck, friend!


12 man PPR league. Struggling at TE (Gesicki, Ebron). Jared Cook, Cole Kmet available. Thinking about picking both up. How much FAAB? Feel good about most of the team

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